How much is
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Operating Profit (in €)
Operating profit for the last 12 months
Managing Directors Salary (in €)
Managing director salary for the last 12 months
Sellers discretionary earnings (SDE)
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Brand Focus
How focused are you on your brand? (1= Low brand focus, no trademark, minimal social media, blog or website presence outside of Amazon ; 5= Very high brand focus, high social media brand presence and fan following )
Financial and Operational Focus
Where are you in your financial and operational journey? ( 1= Turnover less than EUR 300,000, lower margins ( 10% or less), regular inventory and stock issues, not forecasting any future cashflow ; 5= Margins over 30%, stable operating costs, profitable PPC campaigns, inventory well stocked, and no cash-flow difficulties
Product Portfolio Strength
Is your product portfolio diversified? ( 1= one product makes up most of your revenue, you are in a highly competitive niche and Amazon (or others) are your direct competitors ; 5= your sales are distributed evenly across your portfolio, you have products in multiple channels )
Additional Information
Since when does your Amazon FBA Business exist?
Please keep in mind that your FBA Business should be at least 1 year old in order to evaluate your brand's worth properly.
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