Any questions you might have about selling your FBA business, about Razor or your business valuation. If your question is not answered here please reach out to us.
What are the requirements to sell my company?
Your company should meet the following requirements:

- Clean bookkeeping with all existing financial statements and BWA's
- an EBITDA of at least €100,000
- at least 10% margin
- be at least 2 years old
- a registered trademark 
How can I increase the value of my company?
There are various ways to increase the value of your company. Most importantly you must have a clean book keeping with all the important financial figures and a financial forecast. Having a vision of your brand and a high growth trend, as well as satisfied customers, can contribute enormously to increase the value of your company.
Why should I sell now and not at another time?
Maybe now is the right time for a well-deserved break or a new challenge. Our fast processing of the sale can make this possible for you in just a few weeks. Take your chance and don't wait for your business to possibly stop growing.
Do you also invest?
At the moment our focus is on the acquisition of companies. However we do not exclude investments at a later date.
How long is the transition phase?
That depends entirely on the complexity of the company and the daily work processes. Usually it is 2-3 months, but of course the period will be agreed on with the seller.
What are the factors for the company valuation?
We look at which category is in the portfolio, how high the turnover per individual product is and how high the co-currency is. However, we also attach great importance to the potential of the company and how much experimentation has been done with the products.
How much tax do I have to pay?
Our tax advisors are happy to help and look at each case separately, as the tax can vary.
What type of company do I need to be to sell best?
Our tax advisors are happy to help and look at each case separately, as the tax can vary. Read more in our blog post
How can I ensure privacy?
With us you are able to sell your high-revenue online business without the entire world knowing the details. That’s why we work with a NDA so all of your business information are secure.